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Things to do In Savannah

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Savannah Area Attractions

Things To Do in Downtown Savannah

Savannah’s downtown encompasses the Historic District, the Victorian Historic District and 22 urban squares which are like pretty little parks. An incredibly walkable city, Savannah redefines urban with its effortless blend of colorful Victorian houses and plazas adorned with live oaks. Restaurants and bars abound, ranging from hip pizza bars to classic southern food and yummy old-school ice-cream parlors. One of the largest National Historical Landmark districts in the nation, Savannah is meant to be walked slowly.

Forsyth Park

Home of the famous Forsyth Fountain, Forsyth Park is the heart of Savannah’s public recreation. 30 acres wide, Forsyth Park is ideal for casual strolls, picnics, and includes a playground and a café. It is a common choice for the city’s public events.

River Street

Book a river boat tour at sunset, enjoy the beauty of Savannah draped in night lights, or simply have a leisurely walk along the calm Savannah River. River Street is a great destination to visit while checking out the Historic District. Have a beer or a snack next to a natural landmark or discover world-famous restaurants serving Lowcountry cuisine.

Savannah Area Attractions
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